Doug Larson

Music that Entertains and Educates Kids of all Ages

Doug Larson

Who is Doug Larson?

A Short Biography

Doug Larson is a gifted musician and storyteller capable of getting to the hearts of the students and helping them understand important things in life. Throughout the program, Doug talks about making friends, choosing friends, treating others with respect, making good choices and being a role model.

Story telling is one of the vehicles used to teach the concept. Doug has an Elementary education degree, and is the father of 5 boys. He has personal, up-close experiences of life learning lessons. The stories he tells about his sons will make you laugh, make you cry, and sometimes shout for joy. His facial expressions are captivating.  His passion for kids is evident, as he reaches down with concern and speaks to student at their level. As you experience him talking to the group, you will see him draw the students into the story.   He will ask the students to commit to be people builders, not destroyers.  He will give your students specific ways to be encouragers to those around them. You will walk away with a new and refresh attitude, saying, wow, how did he do that?

Interactive songs will captivate you.  You will be amazed at how fast the time flies as the kids are kept busy from start ‘til finish. Kids love to sing his songs in the hallways and classrooms. The songs remind students of good character traits, and that character, good or bad is a choice.